How to Protect Your Auto Body from Rust

One of the greatest threats to the auto body is the formation of rust on it. The sad fact is that, no car is exclusive to this problem. Car owners are therefore never at ease because of this looming problem.

In order for rust to be formed, there must be an anode, a cathode and an electrolyte. What makes cars vulnerable to rust is the fact that they are made up of metal which acts as an anode and a cathode. Water then comes in as the electrolyte. This means that cars in humid areas are more likely to develop rust, especially under the cover.

Apart from the above factors, some other substances also hasten the process of rusting on your car. The most common of these is salt. Under normal conditions, rusting is normally slow but is quickened when the metal comes into contact with salty water. It therefore goes without saying that cars near oceans are more susceptible to rusting. However, even miles away from the sea, cars can still develop rust from salty water, especially during winter. This is due to the fact that people use salt to get rid of snow and ice.

Car companies are wary of this problem and thus the paintwork on the car. However, once the paintwork gets scratched or dented, the metal may come into contact with moisture and initiate the oxidation process. So how does one prevent rusting? Here are some tips on how to stop this menace:

  • Take care of the car’s paint job by at least washing the car after every two weeks and applying wax on it after every month.
  • Always examine the car for any signs of scratches or flaking. Bubbling is also a sign of rust forming beneath the paint. Do a touch up of paint on any scratched or flaked regions.
  • Purchase a sealant for a damaged section of your car’s paint. Before applying the sealant, ensure you clean that area of the car and dry it.
  • Drivers in harsh environments may opt to buy protective lubricants or sprays that are anti-rust. The lubricant acts in creating an additional layer on the car surface for protection. The anti-rust spray also acts in the same way by creating a seal on top of the car. However, before applying, ensure the car is first cleaned and dried.
  • To drivers who drive over icy roads that are coated with salt, it is recommended that they wash the car regularly, especially the underside and the wheel wells.

Those are our tips on how to prevent rusting from destroying your auto body. For any services on the auto body or auto body in san diego , do pay us a visit written by printmeup the guys for san diego printing services. 


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